Sydney WorldPride Progress Pride Sails — Proudly lighting up the iconic Sydney Opera House for the biggest celebration of LGBTQIA+ culture Australia has ever seen.

       Great & Small Studio had the pleasure of creating a one-off projection for the iconic Sydney Opera House sails to celebrate the start of the Sydney WorldPride festival. Great & Small offered a design service that included creative concepts and project management.
        The bold projection used the striking colours of the Progress Pride flag and mapped them onto the curves of the sails, reinventing a widely-recognised design that complemented the world-famous shape of the Sydney Opera House. 
        A moment of celebration for the community and a huge marketing opportunity, the design generated massive interest with thousands of tourists and Sydneysiders alike flocking to see the projection. The rainbow sails were also featured on the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald.


“The brief was to represent our entire community in a single artwork. Marie’s design stunned me with its simple beauty — seeing it projected on Australia’s most famous building took my breath away.”

Scott Dawkins — Director of Marketing, Sydney WorldPride

Sydney WorldPride

Environmental Design

Projection mapping by The Electric Canvas
Photography by Philipp Glanz and Ben Tang
Video by Vincent Rommelare

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