Sydney WorldPride — Designing for the biggest event in Australia since the 2000 Olympics.

       Sydney WorldPride was the biggest arts and culture event in Sydney for decades, where more than 300 events took place across the city over 17 days in February and March 2023.
        As the design partner, I delivered an extensive range of design including large-scale projections, guide books, literature, digital and print advertising, event graphics and wayfinding.
       It was an exciting project – designed to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ and First Nations communities and draw in local, interstate and international visitors and boost the city's economy.

Poster in holographic foil

Hero graphics for Pride March, a 20,000-person march across the Harbour Bridge on the final day of the festival

Pride March wayfinding

 Pride March
‘100 days To Go’ media event, we created a human progress pride flag on the Sydney Opera House steps

 Print advertising in The Sydney Morning Herald

45 Rainbow artworks adorned the city during the festival

Event graphics for Bondi Beach Party

Bondi Beach Party

Crowds at Bondi Beach Party
 Nicole Scherzinger performs at Bondi Beach Party

Guide for Marri Madung Butbut, First Nations Gathering Space at Carriageworks

Event graphics for Domain Dance Party

Kelly Rowland performs at Domain Dance Party

Print advertising for Pint Salt

Event graphics for Live and Proud: Sydney WorldPride Opening Concert
Kylie and Dannii Minogue perform at Live and Proud
Progress Pride Sails projection graphics to mark the start of the festival

Event Graphics for Blak & Deadly
Event graphics

Print advertising

Out of home advertising
Live and Proud: Sydney WorldPride Opening Concert

“Sydney WorldPride was a high volume marketing environment, with a huge array of artwork in production at any time, requiring meticulous attention to detail and seamless brand application. Marie was a trusted and essential part of our design delivery — we simply couldn’t have done it without her.”

Scott Dawkins — Director of Marketing, Sydney WorldPride

Sydney WorldPride

Print Design
Editorial Design
Communication Design
Campaign Design
Digital Design
Signage and Environmental
Art Direction
Content Creation

Illustrations by Nungala Creative
Visual identity by Joel De Sá and Andy Hearne
Sydney WorldPride Marketing team Scott Dawkins, Amy Goodhew-Banks, Nic Holland, Kate Dooley, Katherine Spenceley, Zoe Walker and Jane Boland
Photography by Cain Cooper, Daniel Boud, Cassandra Hannagan, Jordan Munns, Gabrielle Clement, Ruby Boland and Marie Schultz
Video by Vincent Rommelaere and Destination NSW
Live and Proud footage by ABC

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